Envisioning Money

A tide of technology — cryptocurrencies, P2P economies, payment APIs — is reshaping the world before our very eyes. We rarely memorize, wait in line, rewind, unfold, print or phone anymore. There has never been a better time to map the phenomenon of human innovation, and there is no better place to start with than with money.

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The Future of Money

Yes, money is a technology. From beads to gold, it has changed shape, and from changing hands to routing data, its transfer has accelerated, expanded & multiplied. The internet has unlocked vast networks, new behaviors and inventive systems that are redefining the concept of value.

Envisioning has created a free PDF briefing explaining our unique perspective of technological disintermediation applied to money. We showcase four distinct future scenarios, highlight the products and services investing in change & the technologies that shape them.

Scan our free briefing to understand how technology is a fundamental force shaping industries, economies and humanity.

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Understanding Evolution

A product of deft collaboration and deep research, folded in with piquant prose and stunning visuals, our report is designed to set you ahead. A technological perspective on money will give you a richer understanding of your industry and a longer view of its future.


  • A landscape of innovations
  • Industries being reshaped
  • Financial Power shifting
  • Society evolving


  • Money as a technology
  • How it is being redefined
  • How it is accelerating change
  • Implication in our lives & industries


  • Technological literacy
  • Exponential thinking
  • Nuanced strategy
  • Industry intelligence

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Download free 52-page PDF

The Past, Present and the Future of Money

As we developed the briefing, we also charted changes in money and power over time. We couldn’t help but turn it into a stunning infographic. Click through for a full version and download links. Share it with esteemed colleagues and sworn enemies -- lead the conversation on money.

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