Recap #05: A new way of picturing atoms

a year ago   •   2 min read

By Caroline Barrueco
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Brain training games can help the police to make better decisions under stress.
Marci shared the possibility of using an app—originally designed to train athletes—to improve police officers' decision-making.

Create your own DIY Brain-Computer Interface
The game developer company Valve just released an open-source development kit for BCI. It’s all available on GitHub.


Rilke is searching for Solarpunk ideas.
Rilke: We’re experimenting with Solarpunk elements in our home like growing seaweed, balcony gardening, 3D printing using recycled materials, and such. Anyone here experimenting with these ideas as well, and maybe anything to share? I’d love to get more hands-on and try stuff, so I’m curious to learn more!

How are you using technology to regenerate your surroundings?  Go to #Feed-Solarpunk and share your experience!

mz shared the following tweet by Pinboard:
"I think it's time for us in the tech world to speak out and make it clear the emperor has no clothes here. Cryptocurrency is sustained by a mix of money laundering, vaporware, fraud, ransomware, gambling, and delusion. It has no social benefit except helping end first dates fast."

To which Luiz responded:
Ultimately, the legal monopoly of violence is what makes currencies real:
- They force users to acquire them under the threat of violence, as they must have them pay taxes in fiat. This is a key concept of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which is another cool theory that gets a lot of things right, and then fails on key points…
- They can enforce or overrule any form of contract through the threat of violence.

Join the conversation on #feed-crypto to read it in full.


A new way of picturing atoms
Minute Physics says that our visual models of atoms are not great, so they created this video to suggest another way of visualizing them.

Grimes pitched Fully Automated Luxury Communism on TikTok
Lidia shared her video, followed by a Twitter thread of people who are not buying it.

Visit the AI hall of shame
The AI incident database reports the times that artificial intelligence caused harm to the physical world.

The Global Foresight Summit took place last week, and many community members were invited to participate as speakers! In case you missed it, all talks are available on Youtube.


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