Recap #06: Can we use AI to communicate with animals?

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By Caroline Barrueco
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Hi all,
these are our weekly highlights from the Envisioning Slack Community:


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature.
– Karl Schroeder, shared by Catherine L.
A nature-inspired new way of generating energy could be used to power nanorobots.

Can we use AI to communicate with animals?
AI is already being used to decode the language of whales. So let's see if merely translating the meaning of words will suffice for us to understand what other species are saying.


What do you think is wrong with technology today?
mz asked the question; these are some excerpts from everyone's replies:

Henrique: I think we're missing inclusion. Technology is being both developed and used by groups that I believe are minorities: well-educated people with good incomes and specific social backgrounds.
Fluid Nature: Misusage as society is a big term; can we break it down to citizens level? Do I misuse technology? Also, what does it mean practically? Isn’t that a bias in itself? Is misuse bad?
Arthur: We have some cheap tech optimism coming from innovation / startups (Silicon Valley, and etc.), and we also have a countermovement that is saying that tech is the mother of all evil. (This polarization – in different ways – just distance people from technology and at times makes it "not human" This is quite the opposite because we can make technologies; we are human.
Peter: I hate how Apple is driving the Walled Garden Model where you don’t really own your device and the platform vendor is able to force itself into transactions that should be between end users and vendors to take a cut of the sales-driving up prices or worse to outright kill a product that might upset its marketing model.
Patrick: I believe that we need to advance in terms of User Experience for technologies that make it easy to users to validate their identity online.

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#feed-emerging tech
Is tech really becoming more inclusive?
Rest of World posted this text about how some emerging technologies are actually becoming less accessible for people with disabilities.
_luish shared this SXSW panel to make the point that lived experience of disability has to be seen as an ever-growing body of knowledge, something that can benefit us all.
_luish also shared this Trendwatching report, which maps several abilities enhancing emerging technologies.

Kat shared this insightful paper, called Regenerative Computing: De-Limiting Hope.


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