Recap #07: The best tech podcasts according to our community

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By Caroline Barrueco
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Hi everyone!

This is some of the community action from the past week. The links featured here were shared by members of the Envisioning Slack Community. To join in, click here.


Emerging technologies are expanding the limits of human vision
A blind man regained some vision after having genes from algae introduced into his retina and activated with optogenetics.

New tech allows people to see in the dark by applying a nanofilm directly onto normal glasses.


What are your favorite podcasts at the moment?

These are the ones suggested by the community:

  • Flash Forward - Future scenarios analyzed by Rose Eveleth and special guests.
  • Hidden Brain - Conversations about behavior science and unseen patterns.
  • 99% Invisible - Curious stories, mostly about design.
  • The Ezra Klein Show - Contemporary affairs and interviews.
  • In our Time - A panel of specialists discusses very specific subjects, such as "the evolution of horses" or "Frankenstein" or "authenticity."
  • Advice for and from the future Rose Eveleth tries to answer listener's future-related questions, such as "can I ask my friend to turn off her Alexa?" or "should I have a child?".
  • Wild Wild Tech - Podcast by the duo of journalists who dives deep into the weird social consequences of emerging tech. Real fun!
  • Deep Futures Miniseries where Annalee Newitz converses with specialists from different fields to envision what's coming. Each episode is topic based, e.g., future of agriculture, future of democracy, etc.

    Go to #feed-podcasts to add your own favorites to the list.


Branch just released the second issue of its magazine, A Sustainable Internet for All. It's a very smooth read that features sci-fi, design and art projects, interviews, and more. The magazine is divided into sections such as “Solar Punk and other Speculative Futures” and “Big Tech Resistance.” Access it for free here.

Are mainstream emojis perpetuating colonial perspectives?
Apple’s emoji keyboard is reinforcing Western stereotypes, but Ivorian artist O’Plérou creates African-centered stickers and emojis.
Download O’Plérou’s sticker set for here (iOS, Android).

That's all for today, see you next week,

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