Recap #10: There are only humans online.

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By Caroline Barrueco
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Our tenth weekly Recap brings news about immersive digital realities, neuro-privacy rights, indigenous algorithmic perspectives, and more.
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Entering the metaverse.
The Metaverse defines the new framework of an interconnected immersive life succeeding the mobile internet. Now that we all agreed on how to call our mixed reality lives the term will become increasingly relevant.

There are only humans online.
As our lives migrate more and more to the Metaverse, it might be time to invite other species to join as well.
Rodrigo shared The internet of Nature - a project by MIT researcher Dr. Nadina Galle that aims to use IoT to meet the needs of trees.
Whereas the Interspecies internet’s goal is to accelerate interspecies communication and translation. Shared by Luish.

The Economist published 2021’s What If collection. This year, the design fiction section is exploring scenarios connected to the future of health. The pieces include themes such as: "What if biohackers injected themselves with mRNA?" and "What if everyone’s nutrition was personalized?"


How is the climate crisis influencing design?
New fabric can cool down body temperature by up to 5°C. The T-shirt behaves like a mirror to light and infrared radiation.
Shared by mz.

Building AI from an indigenous perspective.
The Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence brings an in-depth approach to this topic.

It’s time to ensure our neuro-privacy.
Chile is the first country to push forward neuro-protection bills that address "rights to personal identity, free will, mental privacy, equal access to cognitive enhancement technologies, and protection against algorithmic bias."


How can we bridge the gap between accelerating technologies and urgent global challenges?
We invite sustainability experts, innovators, futures researchers, and technology writers to join us on July 22 for the official techDetector launch.
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