Recap #12: Lab-grown meat - an overview

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By Caroline Barrueco
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This week, we bring news about pandemic-related technologies, disability futures, space junk, and more.

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Dubai is making its own rain to beat 50°C heat
The technique works by sending a group of drones to discharge electricity inside clouds. The electricity clumps water droplets together, creating rain.

As we think about the consequences of private space trips, it’s interesting to consider everything we are leaving behind on space. Ariel shared this article on The Elusive Peril of Space Junk, followed by this Twitter thread by Sim Kern.

Research with mice shows that activities in VR enhance brain theta rhythm, opening up possibilities of it being used to prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


Disability Futures released all of their panels and talks from their virtual festival, so we can watch them online.

Following the theme Solutions for Peace, the Paris Peace Forum announced the 80 projects showcased in 2021. Among the selected projects is "The impact of future tech on gender equality," developed by GIZ and incorporated throughout the techDetector platform.

Tactical Tech just released "Technologies of Hope: 100 Responses to the Pandemic,” a project investigating the societal dilemmas of welcoming pandemic technologies into our lives. Shared by _luish.

Lab-grown meat - an overview:
Logic Magazine's piece Labriculture Now presents a good introduction to the theme, weighing the pros and cons of cellular agriculture as a possible replacement for our current meat industry. Moreover, the newly open Future Meat plant can produce 5.000 cultured burgers a day, and french company Gourmey is developing lab-grown foie gras from fertilized duck eggs.


What does a life without commuting look like?
What will arise from the demise of mass commuting?

_luish:  I have high hopes that, in parallel with the digital transformation, we can preserve cities’ central areas. To build stronger communities. I don't want to commute either 🙂 Cities will have to deal with these signals to thrive.
Jt: We have been seeing this trend for a while, and some CBDs are doing better than others at catering to it. People are becoming more consumers of experiences rather than things.

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