Recap #16: Indigenous futurity

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By Caroline Barrueco
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This week we talk about humanoid robots, indigenous foresight methods, petri-dish brains, and more.

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Machines like me
Elon Musk presented the conceptual project "Teslabot," a humanoid general-purpose robot that will automate boring, repetitive, or dangerous tasks. Many are saying that the bot will likely never see the light of day and was meant to create hype.

Agriculture residues to fuel racing cars
WEC - World Endurance Championship will use a 100% renewable fuel in 2022. The new fuel, named “Excellium Racing 100,” is produced with bioethanol from winemaking residues from the French agricultural industry.

The creepiest image of the week
Scientists have used stem cells to grow mini-brains in the lab. Then, after 60 days, the brain spontaneously developed eyes. Read the entire report here.


Indigenous futurity
Watch the recording of "Spiral to the Stars: An exploration of Indigenous ways to find tools and methods in futures thinking and practice," a panel promoted by the Association of Professional Futurists last week.

Diamond trees, laser brooms, mind uploads
mz shared a Wikipedia page that lists hypothetical technologies.

My Ordinary Life: improvements since 1990
Gwern Branwen investigates how technologies incorporated into our lives shaped our understanding of what is possible. Shared by Arthur.


August 24: Nós e o Clima [PT]

August 24 – 26: Health Futures Forum

September 6: [EV] Technology + Culture: Belonging

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In two weeks, we’ll be having our third Tech & Culture round table discussion with this session focusing on the topic of Belonging. In this roundtable, we will explore how cultural belonging is evolving with technologies. How does the innate need for ‘belonging’ affect our engagement with different tech platforms? What is the future of belonging in a hyper-tech world? Register here!

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