Recap #17: Lo-TEK, living machines, and ancestrofuturism

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By Caroline Barrueco
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Hi all!

This is the weekly recap of the Envisioning Slack community. After some time out and a big framework transformation in our community, the Recap is back 🙂

To the newcomers: Envisioning is a virtual research institute, and our Slack community is one of the ways we share insights and engage in conversations about emerging technology. To learn more about Envisioning, click here.

This is some of the content that was shared in our community lately.


Emerging Technology

[Nothing but] flowers
Are you confused with terms such as Solarpunk, greenwashing and PR-chitecture?
This Vice magazine article, shared by Fluid Nature, gives a good overview of the history, importance, and definition of the Solarpunk movement: Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It's About the End of Capitalism.
And here you can understand a bit more about greenwashing and PR-chitecture.

More about the metaverse
Wunderman Thompson released a new trend report: Into the Metaverse, which focuses on emerging consumer trends and brand opportunities in the metaverse. Download the report at the link above.

Is post-human art far too human?
Watch the ARS Electronica symposium: Post-human Art: Robots, Aliens, Chess, and Tokens.

Futures Literacy

Middle eastern sci-fi
The Journal of Science Fiction released an entire issue dedicated to middle eastern sci-fi creators, read it all here: Middle Eastern Science Fiction Special Issue. Shared by Lidia.

Towards decolonial design
Decolonizing Futures in Design Education was a three-day event, hosted by Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. And all the panels are now online here.

One hundred thousand years
The essay “This Place is a Message: How to communicate with the far future, and what messages will we pass on?” tackles the difficulties of sending messages to the future. Shared by mz, and written by myself 😉.

The Planet

Lo-TEK, living machines, and ancestrofuturism
Next Nature Network published A New Mythology of Technology, which features a beautiful interview with architect Julia Watson. Via mz.

Learning to waste time
The 26th edition of the From What If to What Next podcast imagines a post-growth economy and its possible impacts on people's mental health.


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Caroline Barrueco

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