Recap #19: Store a song in your t-shirt

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By Caroline Barrueco
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This is the weekly recap of Envisioning's community activity, here I post news and interesting links about emerging technology and futures literacy. To receive this recap every week in your mailbox, subscribe to it, here.

This week we have news about Lab-grown coffee, real-time IRL closed caption, programmable digital fabrics, cli-fi stories, and more. To learn more about the Envisioning Slack community, and join, click here.

Emerging Technology

A smart badge that converts speech to text in real time
Badger can also translate speech and showcase captions in a different language than the one that was spoken. This tech could help people who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as people who need to communicate in different languages.  
Shared by luish.

Lab-grown coffee made with cultured coffee leaves
Finnish researchers brewed the first cup of coffee made entirely with lab-grown coffee. The drink was made with coffee leaves cultured from cells using a bioreactor. The process is said to consume less water than regular coffee farming.
Watch a video in which the scientists explain how they did it.

Store a song in your t-shirt
This digital programmable fabric can be used to write and store information such as audio and video. Furthermore, when combined with AI, it could be used to extract and understand body patterns. Luish imagined possible uses for the technology: "Combined with health systems such as Ayurveda, the data could lead us to better - healthier, more balanced - choices based on doshas, seasons, the whole environment :)"

Synthetic fashion models
Modelme is developing software to create highly customizable digital fashion models that can be used to advertise garments or accessories. Shared by Yasmim.

The Planet

Dealing with the fast proliferation of sargassum
As seaweed takes over the shores of Mexico, new start-ups, such as C-Combinator are coming up with inventive ideas of what to do with it. Reuters posted a piece that explains the problem and highlights some possible uses for sargassum.

Understanding climate change with the help of beautiful graphs
Probable Futures is a platform that combines data visualization and stories to help us visualize climate change. Shared by Luma.

Futures Literacy

Cli-fi stories to spark imagination
Fix selected 12 climate-fiction short stories to showcase as part of the Imagine 2200 context. Read them all here.


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