Recap #22: How is our changing climate shaping evolution?

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By Caroline Barrueco
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Hi all,

This week we have speculative worlds, tech reports, a conversation around cryonics, animals of the future, and more.

Futures Literacy

“The Intersection” by Superflux
Watch The Intersection, a speculative fiction short film that reimagines regenerative ambient tech futures. Shared by mz.

How is our changing climate shaping evolution?
In this Vox podcast episode, biologists imagine the animals that might inhabit the Earth a million years from now.

Tech and Culture

The death and birth of technological revolutions
This blog post is a rigorous summary of Carlota Perez's publication Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital, which tackles research of more than 200 years of technological evolution, in order to understand emergent patterns. Shared by mz.

The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics
This is an interesting list of counterintuitive facts and paradoxes. Shared by mz.

If it was free of charge, would you sign up for Cryonics?
Our community brought up an exciting debate around the self-preservation technique:

Lidia: Maybe. If there weren't any other more promising techniques. Or I would at least try to preserve "important" parts of my body using several different methods, who knows. TBH I would rather not need a physical body to exist.

Fernando: What are the safeguards to ensure that I come back the way I want? What if there's brain damage, or I can't make my wishes known.

Domi: I think I would do it. But agreed with Lidia, being human in this overcomplicated world we're not wired for is like a constant battle. Transcending beyond the need for a physical body sounds unreasonably appealing.

Fluid Nature: I think I wouldn’t want to wake up with this current body, while in the meantime society moved on and bodies look different, are more healthy.

Thiara: I wouldn’t like to sign up for cryonics because I don’t trust the humans of the future

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Emerging Technology

The ESGT megatrends manual (2021-2022)
The first annual ESGT megatrend tackles multi-year global megatrends involving environmental, society, governance, and tech issues. Shared by Luma.

Is Blockchain sustainable?
Blockchain specialist Jonathan Knegtel walks us through an easy-to-understand blockchain summary.

The James Dyson Award of design goes to a male contraception project
COSO uses ultrasound waves to paralyze and confuse the sperm, the method is painless and lasts around 6 months.

Surgeons attached a pig kidney to a human, and it worked
The kidney came from a pig genetically engineered to grow an organ compatible with humans.


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