Recap #23: lab-grown human eggs & existential risks of technology

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By Caroline Barrueco
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This week we have articles raising questions on the ethical dilemmas of emerging technology, be it by exploring possible existential risks generated by technology, or thinking about the consequences of creating lab-grown human eggs, or even by calling out ableism in CRISPR gene editing.

Futures Literacy

What is 'futures studies' and how can it help us improve our world?
In this Interview, Dr. Stuart Candy advocates for the need to increase futures literacy in society, and explains the impact that activities such as foresight, futures studies, speculative designing and more, can have in building better nows. Shared by mz.

Why longtermism is the world’s most dangerous secular credo
In this essay, Phil Torres a former longtermist, explains the perils of this new tech-lead philosophy, which is currently followed by tech giants such as Elon Musk, Nick Bostrom, Max Tegmark and many others.

Emerging Technology

Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes
Facebook is rebranding as Meta to encompass immersive UX into its platforms. In this edit, Mark Zuckerberg presents his upcoming metaverse. Shared by Douwe.

How Silicon Valley hatched a plan to turn blood into human eggs
A tech startup wants to grow lab-made human eggs from blood cells. This technique could have profound implications in human reproduction as we know it. For example, by growing limitless eggs from blood cells, we could increase the age ceiling of female fertility, or make the IVF process less stressful for women. Furthermore, as the technology evolves it might even be possible for same-sex couples to have biological babies.

Are we on the verge of chatting with whales?
Artificial intelligence is being used to understand and translate the animal language. In this piece, Michael Bronstein comments on the updates of his quest to use AI to talk to sperm whales.  Via mz.

Tech and culture

Watch and listen to The House of Beautiful Business
The House of Beautiful Business festival happened last week and now many talks are available online. My highlight goes to:  The Future of Governance by Taiwan's Digital Minister Audrey Tang,  and The Dark future of CRISPR by bioethicist Rosemarie Garland-Thomson and Sandy Sufian, associate professor of disability studies. Shared by Luma.

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