Recap #27: oral drugs against covid& web3 novelties

This edition brings news about oral drugs against covid, web3 novelties, super jellies, the future of the arts, and more.

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By Caroline Barrueco
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This edition brings news about oral drugs against covid, web3 novelties, super jellies, the future of the arts, and more.

Tech and Culture

Earth Alienation As A Service
In this piece, author L. M. Sacasas argues that both the metaverse and plans of deep space exploration serve the purpose of alienating humans from the Earth and discusses our drive for detachment from our planet.

Emerging Technology

Canadian Biotech in FDA Phase 3 Trial For Oral Covid Treatment
We can expect several oral treatments for COVID coming to market soon-ish. In addition, Pfizer also announced the development of its own oral antiviral drug.

Electric Cars Could One Day Power Your House – Here’s How to Make It Happen
New technologies known as vehicle-to-grid may allow us to power our houses and save money at the same time. The idea is to dynamically feed your EV batteries whenever the energy is abundant; this would be especially useful for renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, that change their availability throughout the day.  You could then feed the grid back with electricity from the batteries or use it to power your house in times of scarcity.

The First On-Chain CC0 Sample Library
This piece presents the platform and brings up the importance of Creative Commons Zero (CC0)  as one popular approach in web3 platforms. Shared by Luish.

Super Jelly Can Survive Being Run Over by a Car
The new material, developed by the University of Cambridge, is composed of 80% water but becomes ultra-hard when under pressure. It could be used in soft robotics, bioelectronics, or even as a cartilage replacement for biomedical use. Shared by mz.

Futures Literacy

New Report: Futures Shaping Art / Art Shaping Futures
This beautiful report by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies analyzed the trend of futures thinking in the art field and how the arts influence the future. Shared by Turra.

2045: Memories of the Future
BBC Future released a series of short videos and text pieces exploring how emerging technology can lead the planet to a more sustainable future.

Space colonies of the future as imagined by NASA in the 1970s
In the summer of 1975, NASA imagined what the future space colonies would look like. The goal was to build a 10,000-person orbiting community with materials and technologies available to people in the 1970s. Shared by mz.

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