Customer Journeys

We make you understand the impact emerging technologies might have in your future customer journey.

Table of contents

What lies ahead?

Our Customer Journey is the perfect tool to understand upcoming technologies and their potential impact in five to ten years.

We develop creative visions of the future for brands, services or products based on our emerging technology expertise, unique research methodology and database.

We create detailed personas and place them within the various steps of a complete future customer experience.

We answer questions like

  • How will customers interact with my company in five years?
  • How will emerging technologies impact our services?
  • What could give me a competitive advantage in the next five years?

What is included?

Speculative Narratives

We conceive stories of the future with sci-fi authors, specialists in customer journeys and futurists.

Emerging Technologies

We identify emerging technology applications that might impact the future customer journey.

Unique Illustrations

We work closely with visual artists to bring a journey to life with vivid illustrations.

Our Process

Research Briefing

A Customer Journey begins with a workshop session, in collaboration with your team, to scope out the focus of the future journey to be explored. Based on this workshop, we then deliver a project plan and execute the other phases: technology mapping, customer personas and steps of the journey.

Technology Mapping

We scout the Envisioning research database to identify technology innovations that are currently being developed from various domains and industries, which could impact your brand, product or experience.

Co-Created Personas

Using our Canvas methodology and your customer knowledge, we work together to create characters and archetypes, taking into consideration geography, demography and culture.

Mapping the Journey

We describe in detail each step of the customer journey between each customer persona with your brand, product, experience.

Envisioning Future Hospitality

Customer Journey project about the future of real-estate acquisition with EY, a consultancy in the UAE.

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We have have helped clients in the public and private sector worldwide craft and find a way to their desired futures.


Customer Journey Radar Add-On
Description One Journey 1 Radar + 2 Journeys
  • Technology mapping.
  • Eight steps with unique illustrations.
  • Creation of one persona (individual, family or group).
  • Technology mapping.
  • Eight steps per journey with unique illustrations.
  • Creation of two personas.
Format PDF with Customer Journey Web interface with technologies linked to journey
€ 22.500 € 41.500

Add-on Costs

Additional Research
Technology scouting, and extra sources or organizations.
Additional Support
Technical support and assistance.
Additional Development
Custom-developed technical features.
Data Modeling
Assistance in structuring and managing client data.

Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery: 60-90 days after completion of Customer Journey Briefing.
  • Payment: 50% upfront, 50% upon delivery.
  • Detailed Terms and Conditions.
  • €1 = US$ 1.2 = AED 4.5 = BRL 6

Why Envisioning?

Unique Research Methodology

  • We use a unique and scalable approach for identifying global technology development and disruptive innovation.
  • Our methodology considers the entire technological ecosystem — from nanotechnology to exascale — to create a comprehensive picture of the emerging future.

Emerging Technology Database

  • Our database tracks 1,400+ emerging technology entries, indexing innovation across all industries and sectors.
  • Logging 10,000+ hours of cumulative research, our team of researchers regularly revise and update database entries.
  • We link our data to 8,700+ external sources, so you can discover more about each technology.

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