Data Visualization Services

We organize and visualize your data using Envisioning tools.

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How can I organize and see my own data?

Our Data Visualization solution is the ideal way to manage and picture complex, evolving data sets around a chosen topic.

We can help you make sense of large data sets, and we can also compliment your data sets with our own research service line.

What is included?

1. Set up and Installation

  • One-time setup process for designing data structures, and defining design settings.
  • Private backend and frontend installation.
  • Appointment of joint editorial team for managing research and content.

2. License and Hosting

  • Full training and support during set up.
  • Radar license, user accounts and ongoing technical support.
  • Choose between private or public Radar installations.

3. Data Management

  • Manage, create and update data easily via the front-end interface.
  • Radar is optimized for 50 - 200 entries.
  • Import or create data from scratch.

Why Envisioning?

Big-Picture understanding

Our data visualization tool offers a complete overview of a complex dataset without being overwhelming. You can switch between different viewing modes, seeing all entries or a focused selection. So you can see the bigger picture and draw your own conclusions.

Data Modelling

We are experts in modeling existing data sets for visualization. We will apply best practices in data management, and assist you and your team in sourcing external data sources and adapting them to the Data Visualization service.


Data Visualization

Setup CMS & License
  • Creation and deployment of Radar.
  • Customized styling.
  • Initial data import.
  • Data hosted in Europe with GDPR compliance.
  • Five CMS user accounts.
  • 12 months license of Radar and support.
€ 15.000 - €25.000
€ 12.000
Per year

Data Structure

  • Technology Entry
    Complex object with fields described in adjacent table.
  • Collection
    High-level category with description and related technologies.
  • Tag
    Metadata to indicate relationships between each Entry.
  • Credits
    Welcome page and project description.
  • Metadata
    Colors, logotype and interface labels.

Data Template

Entity Description Example
ID Unique 10001
Name Short, unique title. Entry Title
Collection Related group. Collection 1
Tag Multiple relations. Tag1_id, Tag2_id
Summary Short text. Short Description
Description Long text with formatting and images. Long Description
Readiness Number indicating distance from center. 1.0
Impact Number indicating size of bubbles. 1.0
Image Uploaded on CMS.
Sources Multiple relations.

Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery: 60-90 days
  • Payment: 25% upfront, 75% upon delivery.
  • Detailed Terms and Conditions.

Client Projects

Case studies of Data Visualization for select clients.

Visualizing Assistive Technologies with WIPO
Custom database and visualization of research data for WIPO.

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