Envisioning collects and organizes data about emerging technology across all sectors and industries.

The product is comprised of multiple components, including a web-based database interface, interactive visualization tools, and a methodology for continuous technology scouting.

We offer clear insights on emerging technologies, their trends, their context, and their potential impacts, based on a consistent, reliable database that is always up-to-date.

Companies and organizations must parse an overwhelming flow of information on emerging technology to separate true signals from noise.

Tracking emerging technology is fundamental to strategic planning, yet remains costly to develop, is quickly outdated, and lacks a shared vocabulary necessary for strategic consensus.

Without clear insights on emerging technology it is difficult:

  • to see potential market disruptions that may undermine market position or new ventures,
  • to seize opportunities that leverage that technology environment for new product or innovation.

Customers can:

  • Browse and explore curated content around emerging technologies and the connections that power their development.
  • Filter through different lenses, such as industries, topics, technology domains, and sustainable development goals.
  • Understand the context, including a development timeline, associated patents, academic papers, news articles, and key actors driving development.

We combine curated research and market data, based on a standard methodology, to offer on-going access to updated emerging technology insights.

The product is built on Envisioning’s 10 years of experience delivering custom emerging technologies insights for large corporates and public entities, based on a common, curated database.

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