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Find it hard to organize your research findings? Our DataViz tool puts your data in order through an intuitive content management tool tailored to your needs.

Making Sense of Data

Our visualization tool helps you make sense of large data sets. We also offer a proprietary research service to complement your data sets.

Data Modeling

We are experts in modeling existing data sets and helping you and your team in sourcing external data sources and adapting them to the DataViz tool.

Big-Picture understanding

We offer a complete overview of complex data sets, so you can see the bigger picture and draw your own conclusions. You can switch between different viewing modes, see all entries or simply navigate through a focused view.

Our Formula

Our DataViz tool transforms any structured dataset into an easy-to-understand visualization.

Set up and Installation

  • The one-time setup process for designing data structures, and defining design settings.
  • Private backend and frontend installation.
  • Appointment of the joint editorial team for managing research and content.

License and Hosting

  • Full training and support during setup.
  • Radar license, user accounts, and ongoing technical support.
  • Choose between private or public Radar installations.

Data Management

  • Manage, create and update data easily via the front-end interface.
  • Radar is optimized for 50 - 200 entries.
  • Import or create data from scratch.‌


The DataViz service offers the technical infrastructure to organize your research findings and display it in a beautiful, interactive visualization tool.

You can manage and arrange your data according to the following elements and their respective value:


The building blocks of your dataset.


The main grouping criteria, which builds a central narrative.


An alternative grouping criteria that can be organized in clusters.


Add different quantitative data to entries.


Customise the tool with your company's branding.

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