Interactive narratives and technology readiness for Deftech

Interactive stories about the future of defense and technological readiness for Deftech, the foresight research program of the Swiss Department of Defense.

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By Envisioning

Envisioning has worked Deftech, the technology foresight research program of the Swiss Department of Defense on multiple occasions since 2015.

Supply Chain foresight with EPFL and Deftech (2020)


Deftech asked Envisioning to work with IML (International Institute for the Management of Logistics and Supply Chain at the College of Management of Technology at EPFL) in order to assess the impact of relevant emerging technologies on the future of supply chain.


Envisioning’s research team and a selection of curated specialists from IML conducted an extensive search and found 79 emerging technologies that will likely impact the future supply chain. We created an online questionnaire so that experts could assess the possible impact of each technology on their field. Based on the answers of this questionnaire, we organized a creative workshop with experts to forecast emerging technological solutions.

Value Added

We leverage insights from our database and from field experts to deliver a useful forecast of technologies that might affect the future of supply chain. We deliver a research focused on IoT, mixed reality infrastructure, bio-augmentation, AI and decentralization technology likely to emerge over the next decade.

Interactive Sci-Fi about Machine Intelligence for Deftech (2019)


Explain the concept and implications of technological readiness levels (TRL) to a broad audience.


Envisioning created an interactive narrative in a web interface with illustrations and an engaging story. In the story, the reader can choose between different outcomes, reflected through different readiness levels of technologies in a way that shapes the creative narrative.

Value Added

Envisioning identified technology insights around human-machine interfaces from our research database, and associated these to the creative narratives indicating their readiness levels. This helped the reader relate to the principle of readiness, as well as visualize the results of their choices in the future.

Sample branching narrative structure.

Investigating the relationship between Sci-Fi and Sci-Fact for Deftech (2018)

If the world is made of narratives, the best way to forecast our future is to understand which stories are influencing our thinking and technological imagination. By looking at outstanding top box-office sci-fi movies, we introduce the second of six interactive maps which present a comparative analysis that showcase the connection between fictional technologies and current scientific research.

"Today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact"

Isaac Asimov


Deftech, the technology foresight research program of the Swiss Department of Defense, which has provided Envisioning support since 2015.

The use of visualization in the form of Envisioning Radar is an integral part of our research program.

Dr. Quentin Ladetto
Research Director at Armasuisse Science+Technology

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