Exploring Privacy and Free Will with L'Atelier

L’Atelier is a foresight company in the BNP Paribas group exploring future market opportunities.

3 years ago   •   1 min read

By Envisioning


L'Atelier would like to promote a discussion around privacy. Envisioning was asked to illustrate the impact of emerging technologies and how our decisions today might affect our privacy in the future.


Envisioning created an interactive narrative in a web interface. The story changes based on the reader's choices. In the story we introduce Will, a fictional virtual assistant set 10 years in the future. This piece of design fiction with engaging illustrations is a logical extrapolation of the capabilities of current technologies and the context they might exist within.

Value Added

We helped readers understand the future privacy implications of their current decisions.

Partial decision tree for 'Will'


L'Atelier is a foresight company in the BNP Paribas group. They identify future market opportunities and challenges in digital and virtual domains through research, analysis, and exploratory fiction.

The Envisioning team have added scientific rigour to technological foresight in a distinctive and compelling way.

John Egan
CEO at L'Atelier BNP Paribas

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