Future customer experiences with EY

Development of creative approaches for embedding emerging technology applications into custom user-centric narratives.

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By Envisioning

Ernst & Young worked with Envisioning on exploring emerging technologies applied to future customer experiences. Together we developed creative approaches for embedding technology applications into custom user-centric narratives.


  • Mapping technologies related to potential future customer experiences for client developments.
  • Guide investment decisions, the client needed realistic and forward-looking snapshots of the near future.
  • Create a quick overview of relevant technologies for client needs, and present their impact in a practical and engaging way for client stakeholders.


The Envisioning team identified emerging technologies in the entertainment and user experience field to built a detailed and illustrate narrative where the customer was guided at all points of contact with the brand, in journeys based on their technological experience.

Value Added

  • A novel approach that presented a complete picture of the various interactions between customers and possible future technology developments related to their client user experiences.
  • We helped EY understand how the client could invest in technologies that bring a long-term benefit to client customers.


Ernst & Young, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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