Interactive Sci-Fi about Machine Intelligence for Deftech

Interactive stories about the future of defense and technological readiness for Deftech, the technology foresight research program of the Swiss Department of Defense.

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By Envisioning


Explain the concept and implications of technological readiness levels (TRL) to a broad audience.


Envisioning created an interactive narrative in a web interface with illustrations and an engaging story. In the story, the reader can choose between different outcomes, reflected through different readiness levels of technologies in a way that shapes the creative narrative.

Value Added

Envisioning identified technology insights around human-machine interfaces from our research database, and associated these to the creative narratives indicating their readiness levels. This helped the reader relate to the principle of readiness, as well as visualize the results of their choices in the future.

Sample branching narrative structure.


Deftech, the technology foresight research program of the Swiss Department of Defense, which has provided Envisioning support since 2015.

The use of visualization in the form of Envisioning Radar is an integral part of our research program.

Dr. Quentin Ladetto
Research Director at Armasuisse Science+Technology



  • Gilberto Stam "CROSSCUTS" AUTHOR
    Gilberto Stam was so mesmerized with the inner mechanisms of life, that it enticed him to study Biology. As a science writer, he published in several Brazilian magazines such as Superinteressante and Pesquisa Fapesp and currently produces social network content about genetics at the Universidade de São Paulo. Eager to expand his approach to journalism, he wrote a thesis on the coverage of psychoanalysis for his MA from Unicamp. He writes textbooks for children and teenagers and because of his North American/Brazilian background, he also works as a translator for Business Harvard Review Brasil.
    Johannah Rodgers developed an interest in speculative fiction via her background in comparative literature, philosophy, and linguistics. Her primary medium is inscribed verbal language, but she sees drawing with various media using non-alphabetic signs to be part of this artistic and documentary practice. Equally interested in contemplating possible pasts, presents, and futures, she is often found engaging with satire, discarded material objects, archival documents, and public gardens. Having studied at Stanford, Yale, and Oxford universities, she completed her PhD at the City University of New York, where she has taught courses in writing, rhetoric, literature, and media and technology studies.
  • Lidia Zuin "LEGACO" AUTHOR
    Lidia Zuin has been publishing speculative fiction since 2010, around the same time when she started studying science fiction, semiotics, and technological innovation as an undergraduate researcher. With a major focus on cyberpunk, her writings blend philosophical questions into action-filled sequences. Inspired by authors such as Ursula K. Le Guinn, Octavia Butler, and Ted Chiang, her fictional work is complementary to her experience as a scholar with a background in social communication, semiotics, and visual arts.
  • Guilherme Kujawski "STRIKE!" AUTHOR
    Guilherme Kujawski is a multi-disciplinary expert working at the intersection of art and design, technology and culture, literature, and society. He was a crucial contributor to a series of biennale art exhibitions in Brazil that were internationally famous for both the curation of interactive art and the symposia to study the future of cybernetics and intelligent machines. Also, he is a published sci-fi writer and journalist with a considerable following in Latin American countries. He holds a MA in Media Art History (Donau-Universität Krems) and a D.Sc in Architecture (Universidade de São Paulo).
  • Denis Freitas ILLUSTRATION
    Denis Freitas has developed his style through constant drawing, a keen interest in urban art, and learning about print and production techniques and digital coloring when growing up. He has always looked to broaden his horizons, feeding his muse by researching art history and Latin American traditions, while taking inspiration from creatives such as José Guadalupe Posada and Oswaldo Guayasamin. Denis is currently undertaking a BA degree in Graphic Design at Anhembi Morumbi University, and it is influenced by Carl Jung’s philosophies on mysticism and


  • Laura Del Vecchio LEAD EDITOR & REVIEW
  • Thais Tomazi PROJECT MANAGER
  • Thiara Cavadas HEAD OF RESEARCH
  • Thomaz Rezende HEAD OF DESIGN


  • Caroline Barrueco RESEARCHER
  • Dearbhile Kit PROOFREADING



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