Everything is accelerating.

Technology is everything we create. It is how humans have been solving problems and changing its reality since the stone age. Understanding how it evolves allows us to understand what is yet to come and get a glimpse of the future. We create the tools and methodologies required for documenting and tracking emerging technologies.


In a sense, every technology begins as an idea. Some spring from academic insights, some generated in R&D projects, while others can be found in the pages of science fiction. Ideas are found anywhere from sketchbooks to spec-sheets. Technology draws from the public imagination before becoming a reality.

Some of these ideas are further developed into concepts, beginning an experimental life of increased application. Some concepts become prototypes, tested at scale. Some prototypes eventually become products, bringing availability to the public.

A technology can take anywhere from a year to a decade to shift phase. Some develop slowly (think biotech and nanotech) while other move rapidly (think IT and mobile). Some are greatly affected by factors like regulation, while others move swiftly under the radar.

Regardless of speed, technologies progress through each phase in order. Most technologies never reach the product phase, but they invariably begin as ideas. Occasionally, organizations developing the technology fail to keep it a viable business (think Concorde) while the technology remains alive, eventually returning as a new business (see boom.aero).

Envisioning employs crowdsourcing and tools to devise a virtual yardstick that measures the invisible line between an idea and its manifestation as a product. This methodology is called Readiness.

Tools & Platform

Envisioning is developing an online platform that combines this methodology with interactive data-visualization tools, and data modulation systems.

Currently the platform is under development and restricted to our project partners. If you would like to know more, get in touch.

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