Our expertise combines curated research and market data, based on a standard methodology, to offer ongoing access to updated emerging technologies and trends.

Bridging present and future

Anticipating the future requires not only knowing about emerging technologies but also interpreting how these technologies are shaping the present and will shape the future.

Changes in Tech will lead to changes in Reality. Changes in Reality will lead to changes in Tech

Keeping track of changes

Our proprietary methodology focuses on tracking emerging technologies in order to allow businesses to see potential market disruptions and seize opportunities for new products and innovation.

Anticipating the future requires not only knowing about emerging technologies but also interpreting how these technologies will shape the future. our intelligible visualization tools are designed to illustrate the bigger picture so that you can easily process our research and take action.


Signals from the future available via scientific, business and technological data

We keep a record of science fiction pieces, academic journals, patents, media articles, and other relevant sources to stay up to date with timely matters

We follow the most recent developments performed by those companies and institutes leading and financing technological evolution

We continuously track emerging technologies from sources that represent the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

We maintain a database containing 1,400+ emerging technology entries, 10,000+ hours of cumulative research, and 9,000+ external sources


Tools to track, map and evaluate emerging technologies

NASA’s Technology Readiness Level is used to evaluate emerging technologies according to their readiness level

Sustainable Development
UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are employed to assess emerging technologies according to their potential to help achieve these goals

A curated selection of main industries associated with emerging technological development

Emerging technological domains that work as the springboard for the development of other technological objects


Narratives that disclose plausible future scenarios

Stories that provide a comprehensive illustration of how technologies interact with ongoing movements

Factual cases that push technological advances to happen

Challenges and Opportunities
Analysis of expected implications related to social, political, individual, economic, and ecological factors

Future Perspectives
Creative narratives that raise awareness about emerging technologies' consequences in the future

Making sense of the emerging future has never been more challenging. Learning about global developments and discerning reality from hype is a continuous challenge for those concerned about the future.

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