How do we leverage digitalisation to accelerate ecosystem collaborations that accelerate the green, resilient and just transition?

Envisioning is working together with the Oxford Climate Tech initative, a recently-launched collaborative research and knowledge-hub for investigating climate technology.

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By Envisioning, Michell Zappa,

Oxford Climate Tech (OxCT) exists to help close the knowledge, partnership, and resource gaps to accelerate the green and just transition towards net zero and build resilience while promoting relevant climate-tech solutions where they are needed the most.

Together with OxCT, Envisioning is co-creating a technology intelligence platform and radar to assist the community in organizing and presenting relevant data, as well as managing a unified research methodology. We expect to launch a prototype by the end of 2022, which we hope to scale to other ecosystems like universities, corporations and public entities.

Sample imagery for OxCT technology Radar.

The goal is to help overcome information asymmetries, enable new collaborations, and facilitate capacity building for academics, researchers, and other practitioners in the climate-tech space.

Radar theory of change

Foster transparency

Create transparency around climate-tech ecosystems by highlighting the full spectrum of stakeholders and technologies within it

Facilitate analysis

Support researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, students, and other stakeholders in analyzing ecosystem trends

Guide resources

Provide an efficient and scalable means for resource providers/seekers identify opportunities within the ecosystem

Enable collaboration

Facilitate partnerships, information sharing and other collaborations through highlighting opportunities throughout the ecosystem

Sample imagery for OxCT technology Radar.

Potential Radar use cases

  • Investors
    Identify early-stage climate-tech opportunities, as well as engage with experts and other relevant stakeholder.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Identify potential experts, hires, partners, etc. as well as showcase their work in a public forum
  • Academics
    Assess emerging technology trends and identify opportunities for knowledge exchange that could help enhance their research
  • Students
    Identify professional opportunities as well as general avenues for engaging in Oxford’s climate-tech ecosystem
  • Policymakers
    Understand the full landscape of players in a climate-tech ecosystem, as well as the types of support they require
  • Development Agencies
    Assess emerging technology trends and identify opportunities for knowledge exchange that could impact their operations in client countries

Key questions the Radar will explore

  • What is the spectrum of different stakeholders supporting climate-tech at Oxford?
  • Which technologies in Oxford's climate-tech ecosystem are most ready for deployment?
  • What gaps may be impeding progress in the Oxford climate-tech ecosystem
  • Where is there opportunity for new partnerships in the ecosystem?
  • How can external parties most effectively engage with the ecosystem?

Next steps

Curious for more? You can catch up on the April 2022 Skoll World Forum Launch event here too.

Sample imagery for OxCT technology Radar.

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