Our services offer unique and custom-made solutions befitting your business needs.

Tech Insights

The future at a glance.

  • The mapping of emerging technologies that are expected to directly impact your business;
  • The evaluation of emerging technologies that quantitatively determines their repercussions on your business;
  • The creation of unique essays that disclose the impact of emerging technologies according to trends and technological movements;
  • The design of a custom-made navigation tool disclosing our findings.

Starting at : € 9.500 - € 25.000


Making sense of your data.

  • Manage, create and update data easily via the front-end interface designed for you to import or create data from scratch;
  • Setup and install data structures and design settings, including private backend and frontend installation;
  • Appointment of the joint editorial team for managing content as well as training during setup;
  • DataViz license, user accounts and ongoing technical support.

Starting at: € 14.500 - € 50.000
Licence: € 2.000 / month


Stay ahead of the curve.

  • Create a high-level understanding of emerging technology and futures literacy;
  • First experience with Envisioning methodology and tools;
  • Guided discussion about the implications of technological trends.

Starting at: € 9.500 - € 15.000

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