Recap #32: AI prosecutors & brain bacteria

This week's Recap covers psychobiotics, artificial intelligence prosecution, color-changing cars, and more.

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By Caroline Barrueco
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Welcome to the Envisioning Community Recap, a weekly publication in which we curate the best stories around emerging technology and futures thinking.

The second week of the year begins with a deluge of previously agreed commitments and responsibilities, perhaps a reminder of the shortness of your break. With the new year, you also face new choices about where to invest your attention and whose dreams are worth chasing. These choices reflect our technology and the world we collectively inhabit. In this brief pause, pay attention to these choices before they’ll turn invisible in the blur of the new year. ~ MZ

Emerging Technology

🧠 Psychobiotics: The Next-Generation Probiotics for the Brain
Psychobiotics are a new class of probiotics targeted to provide mental health benefits. These living bacteria could be consumed to stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, short-chain fatty acids, enteroendocrine hormones, and anti-inflammatory cytokines. Shared by mz.

🎮 Defining the web3 stack
Cross-platform developer Nader Dabit has put together a glossary and overview of web3 leading technologies. Shared by mz. Additionally, check out these 300+ Web3 predictions for 2022, shared by Dave.

👩🏾‍🎨 BMW Unveils Car That Changes Colour at Touch of a Button
BMW's new concept car relies on the same technology used by e-readers to change its color to anywhere in the grayscale. Shared by mz.

Future Perspectives:
Being able to change your car color could reduce the need for air conditioning: on warm, sunny days, the car could maintain a white exterior, which reflects more sunlight. Whereas on colder days, a black exterior could help to absorb heat and keep the car warm inside.

Tech & Culture

👮🏽‍♀️ China Made an AI ‘Prosecutor’ That Can Charge People With Crimes
Human prosectors in China already use AI to help in decision-making. Now Chinese scientists aim to extend the power of AI with a program that can actually file criminal charges after receiving a verbal definition of the case. So far, the AI Prosecutor has a 97% accuracy rate, according to South China Morning Post. Shared by Peter.

🤍 Let’s Occupy Technology With Love
On the web, attention is our most valuable resource. Technology strategist Rachel Coldicutt invites us to co-create a better internet by behaving mindfully online. Via mz.

💰 Money in the Metaverse
A perspective into the future of digital monetization and hyper-capitalism.

🗑️ To Delete or Not to Delete? The Fate of the Most Contentious Wikipedia Articles
What articles deserve to be listed on Wikipedia, and who decides it?

⚡ Kazakhstan Internet Shutdown Deals Blow to Global Bitcoin Mining Operation
Kazakhstan accounts for more than 18% of the global Bitcoin computing power. Last week, protests in the country, followed by electricity outages, led the crypto value to plunge by 8%. On a similar story, Uruguay is becoming a Bitcoin battleground as miners fight to keep low electricity prices.

Caroline Barrueco
Research Fellow

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