Recap #39: the end of trash

This week's Recap covers dust-sized batteries, fuel-free satellites, food cubes, and more.

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By Caroline Barrueco, Michell Zappa,

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Welcome to the Envisioning Community Recap, a weekly publication in which we curate the best stories around emerging technology and futures literacy.

This week I am reminded of how incredibly fragile our conditions are, and how our systems are unlikely to become any more robust on their own. Growth, peace and stability are not only scarce, but represent an exceptional condition on a large enough timeframe. Our technologies are frozen in time, representing a past future which often reflects a present we no longer desire. Being deliberate with our (technological) choices means anticipating not only their future utility, but also trying to imagine the profoundly different world in which they will unfold. ~MZ

Emerging Technology

🔋 On-Chip Batteries for Dust-Sized Computers
Computer technology is shrinking faster than the battery technology that powers it. This creates a problem for the advancement of portable micro intelligent systems. This concept micro-origami technology, enables batteries to be smaller than a dust grain.

🍄 Mushrooms: The Next Big Thing in Environmentally-Friendly Packaging and Construction?
Get to know an overview of the current companies developing mushroom based materials.

Future Perspectives:
Imagine living in a world where all things are alive and can be grown. All things - from packagings to computers- could, therefore, decompose and disappear into the environment faster. If all materials would be part of carbon cycles, the concept of trash would lose its meaning altogether.

🛰️ A new satellite system sucks in air to provide unlimited propulsion
This fuel free propulsion system could enable satellites to orbit much closer to Earth.

🟩 My 24-Hour Experiment With Dystopian Food Units
After experimenting with squared food units, writer Ellis Brooks investigates the hidden reason why many start ups are trying to make eating a joyless experience.

Tech & Culture

😶‍🌫️ Exposed Documents Reveal How the Powerful Clean up Their Digital Past
Documents reveal how reputation defense firms help clients take down unflattering news, hindering criminal investigations. Besides potentially exonerating individuals linked to criminal cases, those eliminated URLs could potentially be the missing links leading to their prosecution.

📍On Google Maps, tracking the invasion of Ukraine
People in Ukraine are using  google maps to track Russian troops, by  following traffic jams in the app. The function was recently disabled for anyone outside Ukraine.


🌲 The UN’s Climate Report Highlights the Dangers of Natural Solutions
A new IPCC report pinpoints some of the problems with carbon offsetting.

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