Research Steps

What to expect in this journey.

0. Briefing

[Describe briefing request]

1. Debrief

1st meeting to solve questions, add further insights to the project & gather the necessary inputs for developing the 1st technology selection.

2. Scouting

1st selection of technologies entries is handed to the client in the format of a spreadsheets.

3. First Approval

Based on client's feedback and comments, the 1st selection of technologies is filtered and new entries are added to fill any possible gaps.

4. Second Approval

A second list of technologies is handed to the client for adding the final inputs to the selection of entries that will be displaying in the navigation tool.

5. Assessment & Edits

All technology entries approved by the client will be assessed and edited to fit the client's scope, aims & objectives.

6. Clustering

Part of the research process is to cluster the technologies into affinity groups. In this step, the client will receive a new spreadsheets containing a proposal for clustering the technologies.

7. Text Development

Once the clusters are created and approved, our research team will develop state-of-the-art essays that display analysis related to the impact the selected technologies may infer on the scope of the project (e.g., The Future of Agriculture).

8. Final Changes & Delivery

The client will receive a first version of the navigation tool containing the research outcomes and it is the moment for sharing any possible changes. Once concluded, the project is delivered.

Once the project is delivered, here comes the time for planning future collaborations. We will invite you to join a wrap-up meeting for sharing feedback and further insights related to our processes. Based on that, we can elaborate changes on how we work and new offers to suit your needs & demands.

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