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Our proprietary Technology Insights help you understand what will be possible tomorrow given today's technological developments.

The Future at a Glance‌

Our expertise in monitoring technology development translates complex data into engaging and understandable content through:

Our Formula

Our services offer unique and custom-made solutions befitting your business needs.

Discern hype from disruption

We identify emerging technologies that are expected to directly impact your business.

Determine what is tangible

We evaluate emerging technologies quantitatively to determine their repercussions on your business.

Storyboard the future

We create original stories which explore the impact of emerging technologies according to trends and technological movements.

Explore what lies ahead

We generate a custom-made navigation tool disclosing our findings according to your business.


We combine curated research and market data, based on a standard methodology, to offer ongoing access to updated emerging technology insights. Our services deliver custom-made insights for large corporates and public entities, based on a proprietary methodology.


Over the last decade, Envisioning has been maintaining a database that helps us seize opportunities in emerging technology insights. Our repository of emerging technologies, sources, and organizations is the result of 10,000+ hours of cumulative research that distinguish hype from actual disruption.



Insights are presented using our primary data visualization tool, Radar. At a glance, it gives you big-picture understanding, and it's the ideal way to manage and visualize complex, evolving data sets around a chosen topic.


Every Tech Insights installation is composed of dozens of entries corresponding to emerging technological applications. Each entry is illustrated, described, and assessed according to our research methodology.‌


Entries are assessed according to their Technological Readiness Level (TRL), an indicator that helps track technological development from concepts, through validation, and final products.‌


Entries are organized in logical groupings in order to facilitate navigation and exploration.‌


Each Tech Insights installation is configured with a client-defined custom color palette, visual identity elements, and introductory text.‌

Boost Your Results

Add to your Tech Insights optional modules and enhancements.


Additional indicator for relationships between technology entries such as related Industry or Sustainable Development Goal. ‌


Custom quantitative indicator. Examples:

  • Positive/Negative Impact
  • Degree of familiarity with Technology‌


Web-based data collection interface where registered users can input Metric responses.‌


Create narratives and stories which directly reference technology entries, allowing a secondary layer of exploration.‌

Organization Mapping

Identify related organizations developing identified technologies, such as startups and academic institutions.‌

Password Protection

Enable page password on Radar installation.‌

Translation Module

Envisioning can provide an interface for providing translated content in languages other than English. Translation applies to all research, descriptions and user interface elements and should be provided by the client.‌

Custom Data Module

Customize technology entry content, images and descriptions.‌

Custom Hosting

Export Tech Insights for static or dynamic hosting on client-defined domains and infrastructure.‌

Export PDF files

Easily export PDF version of content as a full-page Report, Cards or Poster.‌

Research Refresh

Technology Entries and Readiness can be revised periodically depending on project needs.‌

Interested? Reach out with your research needs.

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