Technology Insights

We identify and organize emerging technologies tailored to your challenges.

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What will be possible tomorrow?

Our Technology Insights package can help you make strategic decisions today by anticipating what is yet to come.

We help identify emerging technologies that could impact your field, so you can understand what will be possible tomorrow given today's scientific developments.

We work with experts of various backgrounds, including futurists and technology practitioners, to deliver definitive and extensive coverage of emerging technologies.

We answer questions like

  • How might emerging technology affect innovation in my field?
  • What are the emerging technologies that I should invest in to be ahead of competition?
  • What is going on right now that might impact the way we do business in 10 years?

Our Process

Our proprietary methodology tracks emerging technology developments and delivers reliable and understandable insights.


We have provided technology insights and bespoke solutions to clients worldwide.

Radar Components


Every Radar installation is composed of dozens of entries corresponding to emerging technological applications. Each entry is illustrated, described and assessed according to our research methodology.


Entries are assessed according to their Technological Readiness Level (TRL), an indicator which helps track technological development from concepts, through validation and finally products.


Entries are organized in logical groupings in order to facilitate navigation and exploration.


Each Radar installation is configured with client-defined custom color palette, visual identity elements and introductory text.


Starter Deep Dive
Entries Quick identification of 50-75 emerging technology entries from existing research database. In-depth investigation into a particular research topic, identifying 75-150 emerging technology applications.
Readiness Assessment of all entries. Assessment of all entries or custom metric.
Clusters Entries organized by 5-7 clusters corresponding to technology domain. Clusters with short essays adding interpretation, context and future perspectives.
Branding Color palette, visual identity elements and introduction text. Color palette, visual identity elements and introduction text.
Hosting Hosted on Hosted on or custom.
Delivery 15 days 30-45 days
Price € 9.500 € 24.500


Optional modules and enhancements for particular Radar installations.


Additional indicator for relationships between technology entries such as related Industry or Sustainable Development Goal.


Custom quantitative indicator. Examples:

  • Positive/Negative Impact
  • Degree of familiarity with Technology


Web-based data collection interface where registered users can input Metric responses.


Create narratives and stories which directly reference technology entries, allowing a secondary layer of exploration.

Organization Mapping

Identify related organizations developing identified technologies, such as startups and academic institutions.

Password Protection

Enable page password on Radar installation.

Translation Module

Envisioning can provide an interface for providing translated content in languages other than English. Translation applies to all research, descriptions and user interface elements and should be provided by client.

Custom Data Module

Customize technology entry content, images and descriptions.

Custom Hosting

Export Radar for static or dynamic hosting on client-defined domains and infrastructure.

Export PDF files

Easily export PDF version of content as a full-page Report, Cards or Poster.

Research Refresh

Technology Entries and Readiness can be revised periodically depending on project needs.

Add-On Price Ranges

Add-On Price Range
Tags € 5.000 - 10.000
Metrics € 10.000 - 15.000
Survey € 10.000 - 25.000
Scenarios € 10.000 - 25.000
Organization Mapping € 10.000 - 25.000
Password Protection € 5.000 - 10.000
Translation Module € 5.000 - 10.000
Custom Data Module € 10.000 - 25.000
Custom Hosting € 5.000 - 10.000
Export PDF € 1.000 - 5.000
Research Refresh € 5.000 - 25.000

Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery: 30-45 days after completion of Research Briefing.
  • Payment: 25% upfront, 75% upon delivery.
  • Detailed Terms and Conditions.
  • Technology entries in the Envisioning Database and all research Radars are defined centrally. In order for an installation to override a piece of content (example: replacing 'color' with 'colour'), that Radar requires a Custom Data Module Add-On.

Why Envisioning?

Unique Research Methodology

  • We use a unique and scalable approach for identifying global technology development and disruptive innovation.
  • Our methodology considers the entire technological ecosystem — from nanotechnology to exascale — to create a comprehensive picture of the emerging future.

Emerging Technology Database

  • Our database tracks 1,400+ emerging technology entries, indexing innovation across all industries and sectors.
  • Logging 10,000+ hours of cumulative research, our team of researchers regularly revise and update database entries.
  • We link our data to 8,700+ external sources, so you can discover more about each technology.

Client Projects

Case studies of Technology Insights for select clients.

Future Manufacturing for EIT, the European Institute of Techology
EIT Manufacturing would like to identify cutting-edge technology, relating it to manufacturing startups in Europe.
Innovation Mapping for WKO, the Austrian Economic Chamber
Technology insights and innovation map around general-purpose technologies shaping the future economy.
Future of Identity and Trust for SICPA
SICPA, a Swiss company providing security inks for currencies and sensitive documents. For this Trust Trajectories project, six critical trends clusters were developed and researched in collaboration with Envisioning representing in total 73 tech trends shaping the future of Trust.

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