Future of Identity and Trust for SICPA

SICPA, a Swiss company providing security inks for currencies and sensitive documents. For this Trust Trajectories project, six critical trends clusters were developed and researched in collaboration with Envisioning representing in total 73 tech trends shaping the future of Trust.

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Envisioning


SICPA was concerned their core business of identity checking was becoming vulnerable due to recent technology developments, especially related to blockchain. In order to become future-ready and differentiate reality from hype, SICPA wanted to better understand the emerging technologies shaping the future of their core business.


Our Technology Insights deep dive focusing on digital identification. Our research identified and described innovative solutions affecting how companies and governments manage identity using digital means, along with self-sovereignty trends, cyber reputations and supply chain transparency.

Value Added

Our experience in scouting technologies on digital identities and cryptocurrencies was a key asset to deliver a quality project and make SICPA future proof.


Big data governance in lockdown times

Body as a credential

The convergence of technology with the body

Self-sovereign shift

Empowering individuals to reclaim full control over their identity

Cyber reputation

Building technologies that provide online trust

Supply chain transparency

Taking over supply chains to provide real end-to-end transparency

Power to community

Decentralized techs empowering individuals and local groups


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