Future of Wellness for Natura

Natura engaged Envisioning to pursue an exploratory research project analysing the effects of emerging technologies on the beauty and cosmetics industry.

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By Envisioning


Natura wanted to discover sustainable technologies that leverage the cosmetics market and understand how knowledgeable Natura's teams are when it comes to emerging technologies. The goal was to expand the horizons of their R&D team and include new technological applications.


Envisioning's research complemented the research already done by Natura's R&D team. The result of the joint research was visualized with a Technology Radar, listing 100 technologies and their related Social Development Goals. The Radar also featured a custom metric and further sub-classification of 100 emerging technologies according to clients priorities.

Value Added

Helped Natura future-proof their technology strategy and use the Envisioning Radar to further develop new products and business models.

Technology Radar for Natura.


Natura & Co is a Brazilian global personal care cosmetics group headquartered in São Paulo. The Natura & Co Group currently includes Natura Cosméticos, Aesop, The Body Shop and Avon. The group is present in 73 countries.

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