We help organizations build capacity around the principles of emerging technology and futures literacy.

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We help organizations build capacity around the principles of emerging technology and futures literacy.

Our workshops and lectures are designed to convey complex themes in an approachable way to all levels of technical expertise.

We employ an interactive, methodological and tool-based approach to teaching, with emphasis on building lasting skills.

Envisioning Workshop collaborators and participants.

Envisioning Bootcamp

Workshop to learn about emerging technology and Envisioning tools.


Technology thinking crash course that presents the high-level key principles in technology futures. It stimulates participants in an interactive format to guarantee engagement from all levels of technical expertise and diverse backgrounds.

We select one relevant technology and technology trend to discuss in this workshop and give attendees a sneak peak at our work. No preparation is needed as we explain the technology and the trend during the workshop to promote an engaging discussion.


  • Create a high-level understanding of emerging technology and futures literacy.
  • First experience with Envisioning methodology and tools.
  • Guided discussion about the implications of one pre-selected technology trend.

Envisioning Workshop collaborators and participants.

Training Partners

Envisioning works with training and methodology partners around the world and  offer sessions together with academic institutions.

Futures Literacy

Technologies are tools made by humans for the world. As tools, technologies can empower us, help imagine and create narratives about tomorrow, and build the future we want.

The future is closer than we think; we only need to know how to get there. Futures Literacy is a skill intended to bridge the path between the present and tomorrow, conceding all individuals the chance to grasp what seems to be light-years away.

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