Visualizing Assistive Technologies with WIPO

Custom database and visualization of research data for WIPO.

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By Envisioning


WIPO needed to develop and publish an engaging and easy to understand research report, mapping the ecosystem of emerging assistive technologies. To publish this report, WIPO needed to organize a large and complex data set.

With access to thousands of patent applications related to the theme, WIPO wanted to collect further input from expert researchers and academics worldwide. WIPO required help to organize and visualize the data set and create a metric to collect further input from specialists.


We defined a data structure, as well as assessment methods to collect additional inputs from specialists. After collection, we modeled the data within a customized Radar visualization, which featured accessible web technologies to facilitate navigation by screen readers.

Value Added

Easy to understand for a broad audience and highly engaging, the Radar we delivered represents the cutting edge of assistive technology across all readiness levels, as validated by field experts.


  • WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization is one of the 15 specialized agencies of the United Nations.
  • WIPO was created in 1968 to promote and protect intellectual property across the world by cooperating with countries as well as international organizations.
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