Innovation Mapping for WKO, the Austrian Economic Chamber

Technology insights and innovation map around general-purpose technologies shaping the future economy.

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By Envisioning


WKO would like to provide useful insights to their members to make sure that Austria keeps innovating. This included increasing awareness about underpinning technologies that enable progressive changes on how society relates to innovation.


Envisioning’s Technology Insights delivered an interactive visualization tool that helped trace a path towards a better world for 2035. The research showcased emerging technologies that may have a direct impact on economic, political, social, and environmental developments by the year 2035. Envisioning analyzed the impact of emerging technologies based on their NASA’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and categorized each technology added to the radar according to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Envisioning also clustered emerging technologies into affinity groups that represented the main categories of WKO’s interest.

Value Added

Offering a Technology Insights Radar for WKO to promote among its members and make sure that Austrian businesses are future proof and that their members improve their resilience towards future shifts ignited by technological tools.


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