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We study emerging technology


Envisioning is an independent technology research foundation based in Brazil and nourished by the world. 

We have a mission: to raise understanding about the implications of accelerating change.

All our work is crowdsourced, online and always free to share



Founded in 2011 by Michell Zappa, Envisioning is a radically new type of organization designed for an accelerating future. Incorporated as a foundation and fundamentally ownerless, we are big believers in decentralized, global and interoperable teams.

We believe in substantially improving the level of understanding about the nature of technology in, for and with society. We believe it is possible to gently guide the direction of progress to tip the scales in our favor. Technology is a mystery constantly unfolding before us, but one we believe begs explanation.


Our worldwide forward-thinking network of collaborators are at the core of our operations. A worldwide group of academics, designers, hackers, coders and educators collaborate to build an institution dedicated to the study of technology.

Michell Zappa  São Paulo

Michell Zappa 
São Paulo

Reinier Evers Amsterdam

Reinier Evers

Tulio Custódio São Paulo

Tulio Custódio
São Paulo

Thiara Cavadas São Paulo

Thiara Cavadas
São Paulo

BJ Hilberts Amsterdam

BJ Hilberts

Luli Radfahrer São Paulo

Luli Radfahrer
São Paulo

Erin Geld São Paulo

Erin Geld
São Paulo

Evelyn Leine São Paulo

Evelyn Leine
São Paulo

Fabio Resende San Francisco

Fabio Resende
San Francisco

Cintia Ferreira São Paulo

Cintia Ferreira
São Paulo

Thomaz Rezende São Paulo

Thomaz Rezende
São Paulo

Marina Travassos São Paulo

Marina Travassos
São Paulo

Arthur Soares São Paulo 

Arthur Soares
São Paulo 

Parag Khanna Singapore

Parag Khanna

Walter Longo São Paulo  

Walter Longo
São Paulo


Henry Mason London

Henry Mason

Ricardo Justus São Paulo

Ricardo Justus
São Paulo

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