Welcome to Envisioning


We help you understand technology


We see a future where everything is accelerating.
We help individuals, organizations and policymakers construct future scenarios.
We build tools to drive discovery and decision-making for emerging technologies.
We believe a better understanding of technology can lead to a more balanced world.





Technology Assessment



Visualization Platform


Technology Database




  • We put free first: all research projects have publicly available aspects 
  • We design our content to be easily shared and discussed


  • Envisioning is owned by members of the network
  • We are a location- independent network with collaborators in 50+ locations


  • We believe in collaborators teaching each other
  • We document and openly share work and processes


  • We welcome all collaborators 
  • We share the belief that technology needs to be understood
  • We are committed to engagement by lowering threshold of entry for projects


  • Our network is comprised of collaborators and nodes
  • Nodes are tools that explain the future
  • Nodes are managed and developed by partner collaborators
  • Nodes have distinct business models but similar objectives


  • We put technology first in our work methods
  • Our business models are future-friendly
  • Collaborators have rich technological understanding



We recruit from a global network of collaborators. We seek talent with research, development, business and design skills. Please apply and join the conversation in our Slack groups.





  • We believe visuals can help people think critically about accelerating change
  • We engage with a broad range of clients
  • Our work combines technical expertise, foresight, interactivity and design
  • Our process is agile and lean



We've had the privilege of working with innovators, executives and policy makers around the world.

For the public sector, we have worked with foresight departments, ministries, armed forces and governments.

We have worked across industries including consumer goods, agencies, financial services and hospitality.

We specialize in 3–6 month projects and work with organizations across the globe. Please get in touch to discuss working together.