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About Envisioning

Envisioning is a research institute which helps businesses and public entities understand what will be possible tomorrow given today's technological developments.

We believe that anticipating the future requires not only knowing about emerging technologies but also interpreting how these technologies are shaping the present. By doing this, we can help you make better decisions today to shape your product innovations of tomorrow.

From the latest global developments to discerning reality from hype, Envisioning anticipates the challenges of the present and helps you make sense of the future. We offer strategic guidance on technology related foresight problems, and help you visualize the future impact of emerging technology in your field. We believe in working closely with our clients to help them develop a better understanding about possible futures.


Empower organizations with foresight, transforming today's innovations into tomorrow's strategies.


Michell Zappa is CEO and Founder of Envisioning. Renowned technology futurist and information designer, Michell is known for his insight on technological trends and a frequent speaker and consultant on emerging technologies and their impact on society. His work guides organizations and governments in understanding future technological landscapes. With a global perspective shaped by living and working in numerous countries, Michell's newsletter and  presentations challenge and inspire audiences to think deeply about the future of technology and humanity.

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