Founded in 2011, Envisioning is a new kind of organization. We believe in decentralized teams working together to develop a better understanding about the future.

Our network of collaborators are at the core of operations. Academics, designers, hackers, coders and educators collaborate to the study of technology.

The future is counterintuitive, and technology has a disproportionate effect on how it unfolds.

Understanding the direction of progress can help people see where they are going and make better decisions.

We see a future where everything is accelerating.

We help individuals, organizations and policymakers construct future scenarios.

We build tools to drive discovery and decision-making for emerging technologies.

We believe a better understanding of technology can lead to a more balanced world.

We believe in guiding the direction of progress in humanity's favor by increasing our level of understanding about technology.


Michell Zappa


Arthur Soares

Head of Product

Cintia Ferreira

Head of Operations

Rafael Pelosini

Business Development

Thiara Cavadas

Head of Research

Thomaz Rezende

Head of Design

Monica Zappa

International Controller

Quentin Ladetto

Foresight Ambassador

Ricardo Penzin

Foresight Ambassador

Roberto Toscano

Foresight Ambassador


Send a message if you're interested in having a project developed by us, or if you'd like to know more about our methodology and platform, or even if you have any other requests.

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  • Developed Readiness
  • Developed Futurekit
  • Coca-Cola (US)
  • LEGO Education (DK)
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force (NL)
  • Chungdahm Learning (SK)