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Envisioning is the world’s first intelligence platform for emerging technology. We combine data visualization with systematic research in order to help you see and prepare for the future.

Everything is accelerating

Envisioning puts emerging technology at your fingertips. It systematically identifies advances across multiple industries, showing you the future as it happens.


Envisioning’s systematic research process ensures identification of technologies as they emerge.


Envisioning performs regular assessment of technology readiness levels to measure rates of change.


Envisioning tracks technology across multiple industries, domains and the 17 sustainable development goals.


Manipulate and explore data in various media, such as paper cards, interactive visualization interface or using our API.


Envisioning identifies a vast array of supporting material, including relevant sources and related startups and academic institutions.


Envisioning is supported by a global partnership of corporations, NGOs and government agencies.


Envisioning has provided services since 2012. Working with both public and private organizations to help them to think more clearly about technology and future perspectives. Deliverables includes cutting edge interactive visualization of emerging technologies, design thinking workshops, and speaking engagements.


Research is presented as cards representing unique emerging technologies. Technology cards are enriched with summaries, time-stamped metadata and database links, and can easily be printed.

Peer-to-Peer Derivative
Peer-to-peer loans involve lending to people over the Internet, without banking fees and bureaucracies, which means that a non-regulated entity evaluates the loan and determines investment standards often using due diligence standards that might not exactly meet bank standards.
Algae Biofuel
A biomass producer that stores energy in the form of lipids and carbohydrates. Once harvested, they can be processed and blended into a number of varieties of fuel.
Digital Farming Ecosystem
Farming technologies enable farmers to reduce costs, maximize yields and profits while making the process of managing a farm more efficient. Apps could be a platform for farmers to get more information about how to improve their production while also accessing real-time data collected from sensors.
Food Waste Monitoring Platform
Internet of things, sensors, the blockchain, and real-time monitoring could help track produce and provide a solution to avoid waste and food loss all along the supply chain: from farmers to consumers.
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Launching 2019

We are launching platform for public use early 2019. Please complete form to receive early access.


We are currently testing platform preview with select clients and partner organizations.

Machines are for answers; humans are for questions.

Kevin Kelly


Founded in 2011, we are dedicated to the study of emerging technology. We collect data on technological transformation and represent the findings through information-rich, hands-on interfaces. We envision the work as a public utility, and are actively seeking business models supporting the collaborative nature of the work. We're a distributed company with collaborators on all continents. Our common goal is to democratize access to technology intelligence and facilitate the creation of more inclusive futures.