The future belongs to those who can read its signals.

Envisioning helps you track and make sense of possible futures, delivering clarity to you and your organization. Learn about our unique approach to professional services below.

Navigate complexity

We help you map and navigate signals of change.
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Information Overload

In our data-drenched era, organizations face the monumental challenge of deriving meaningful insights from an overwhelming deluge of information.

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The relentless pace of technological disruption injects profound uncertainty, testing enterprises' ability to chart strategic paths forward.

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To effectively navigate today's complex landscape, companies require robust sense-making capabilities that allow them to discern critical signals from ambient noise around emerging innovations.

How we work

We offer organizations of all types the tools and expertise to navigate uncertainty with confidence.


Visualization Platform

Equipping you with advanced tools to visualize complex data, our Radar offers a blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis for strategic decision-making and long-term foresight.



Strategic Insight

Offering expert guidance and strategic foresight to interpret signals of change, enabling organizations to structure their approach and prepare for diverse future scenarios.



Analytic Rigor

Delivering a comprehensive overview of emerging trends through rigorous data analysis, providing insights into technologies shaping future industry landscapes.

We specialize in developing interactive, web-based data visualization tools.
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Each Radar can be configured to project needs, including branding, security needs and data representation elements.

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Data Modeling

We help you import, structure and collect different data sets for representation.

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Data Sources

Radar installations can use a variety of data sources, including proprietary signals and metadata or Envisioning data.

Examples of Data sources
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Shared Data

All content comes from Envisionig Database.

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Mixed Data

Entries comes from Envisioning Database and are assessed according to client metrics.

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Private Data

All content comes from the client's database. Envisioning provides only the tools to structure and visualize the data.

What we deliver

Identify and anticipate future possibilities by collecting and organizing the right data.
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Discover and learn about emerging technologies in your field or industry.
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Develop holistic perspective about possible technological disruptions.
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Compare different technologies according to different measurements.
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Determine future preparedness of your organization.
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Create detailed assessment metrics to evaluate signals.
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Organize signals by groups, tags and related metadata.
Case Studies
We work closely with innovation departments.

Improve your tracking and assessment of signals of change.

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Reliable research insights, vetted by specialists.

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Easily distribute project findings within and outside the organization.

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Customizable, at-a-glance visual overview of complex data.

Contact Envisioning
Share your innovation challenges or research needs.

Inclusive platform design

Our visualization tools have been developed with all users in mind.
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The Envisioning Radar is crafted for high accessibility, supporting Voice Over for the visually impaired and offering full keyboard navigation for those with mobility challenges. We are dedicated to improving and aligning with WCAG 2.1 standards to enhance our platform's assistive features continually.

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The Envisioning Radar boasts a responsive design that ensures optimal functionality on any device. It automatically adjusts to different screen sizes for a uniform experience, reflecting our commitment to accessible and adaptive technology use.


Frequently Asked Questions.
Can I configure the Radar?

Most aspects of the interface can be adjusted depending on project needs, including metrics, branding and data presentation.

Do you offer a trial?

We don't currently offer a trial of the platform, but can set up a private workspace without customizations at a reduced rate.

How often should I update signals?

We recommend reviewing your data every 6 to 24 months, depending on industry or sector.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer onboarding, training and data modeling workshops along with email support.

Can I connect Radar to my database?

Yes, granted your database API endpoint is structured according to Radar specifications.

Can I automate data collection?

Yes, and know that our approach favors human editors using AI tools at all times.