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April 2023 by Michell Zappa

AI is having a moment. Decades of fundamental discoveries and years of quiet revolutions are giving rise to a sudden explosion of applications in unexpected places.

Unlike other hype-heavy technologies of recent years, AI is already useful. While it’s acceleration might taper off, the genie isn’t going back into the bottle. This leaves us with an infinitude of questions to grapple with, by people of all levels of technical literacy, which will impact generations to come. That is why this newsletter exists: to inform the curious and help more people understand the underlying principles and possible outcomes of our collective transition towards artificial general intelligence.

You don’t have time to learn everything but want to keep up to speed. Every week you will find a selection of links with interviews and explainers by players in the AI space, with personal commentary from somebody dedicated to exploring the intersection of human and machine intelligence. The AI revolution might very well eclipse the technological advancements of the last century, or it could go nowhere. This will help you navigate whatever happens next.

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