Active Monitoring Drone

Palm-sized drones that send high-resolution photos or videos directly to mobile devices in almost real-time. Serving as devices for monitoring, managing, and exploring both urban and rural areas, these drones can be easily controlled by smartphones.
Technology Life Cycle

Technology Life Cycle


Marked by a rapid increase in technology adoption and market expansion. Innovations are refined, production costs decrease, and the technology gains widespread acceptance and use.

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Fully Operative

Technology is operative and demonstrates considerable market competition among manufacturing industries.

Technology Diffusion

Technology Diffusion

Early Majority

Adopts technologies once they are proven by Early Adopters. They prefer technologies that are well established and reliable.

Active Monitoring Drone

Smaller and cheaper than current drones, these remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) are the next step of the exponential price-performance adoption curve drones received over the last few years. They are controlled through smartphones or tablet devices and equipped with cameras, sensors, and navigation systems. Sizewise, these drones could fit into your palm or pocket and operate by sending high-resolution videos or snapping images every one or two seconds.

While connected through WiFi or Bluetooth, these drones can monitor urban spaces for disease spread control and monitoring. In such cases, they can effectively spray disinfectants, patrol public areas, monitor containment zones, or make public announcements whenever needed. The images captured by the camera embedded in the drone could be used for further analysis or even added to predictive data systems for quality information improvement.

Besides monitoring and management, drones are an excellent fit for agricultural practices. While applying pesticides often involves the use of large quantities of hazardous agents, and spraying over a vast area can impact both the cost and health of workers, active monitoring drones could spare humans from performing these tasks. As they are unmanned, these drones could help explore hazardous environments like an active volcano or even climate mapping.

Drones can be agile and accurate enough to apply just the right amount of pesticide at a specific location. However, present-day drone battery life and payload are limiting factors, both of which require additional field research to overcome these obstacles.

Future Perspectives

With lower prices, this technology will be available to more people and possibly target smaller producers and beginner farmers. It would also represent a means of monitoring production and increasing efficiency at a lower cost, without needing human employees or big machinery performing the same tasks.

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In recent years, there has been a strong activity in the so-called precision agriculture, particularly the monitoring aspect, not only to improve productivity, but also to meet demand of a growing population. At a large scale, precise monitoring of cultivated fields is a quite challenging task. Therefore, this paper aims to propose a survey on techniques, applied to precision agriculture monitoring, through the use of drones equipped with multispectral, thermal and visible cameras. For each application, the main limitations are highlighted and the parameters to be considered before to perform a flight are reported.
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The drone operations for which the conditional exemptions will be given include surveillance, photography and for public announcements.
Terra Drone Indonesia and Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Masanori Matsuura, hereinafter called CRIEPI) have successfully demonstrated how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used to monitor electricity transmission lines in Indonesia. The demonstration was done using Terra Wing drone at PT PLN (Persero) main transmission unit (UIT) in East Java and Bali (JBTB). In only 10 minutes, the drone was able to monitor 2 km of electricity lines covering four transmission towers.
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