Low-Code/No-Code Development (LCNC)

Software that facilitates IT tasks for individuals with no or low coding literacy simplifying the app-building process with techniques like drag-and-drop functionality and visual guidance tools. It makes businesses more productive and agile, freeing IT teams to focus on more complex projects.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Fully Operative

Technology is operative and demonstrates considerable market competition among manufacturing industries.

Low-Code/No-Code Development (LCNC)

A type of Rapid Application Development (RAD), Low-Code/No-Code softwares can facilitate coding development even for users who have no coding literacy. This type of software has visual user interfaces (UI) and is graph orientated, so that users can reposition existing code step-by-step into an app-building workflow to programme their own applications.

Even though low-code tools are built with less experienced individuals in mind, professional developers can also benefit from its potential to optimize the process of creating new tools from scratch through the built-in process automation that streamlines workflows for mobile app development.

Most of these platforms are specifically designed for creating business process management tools and business apps for end-users in a more democratic way than traditional development environments would allow to. They also are compatible with websites, mobile apps, and desktop devices.

Future Perspectives

While this technology automates the development of applications without writing any code, it is highly unlikely that it will will replace developers or UX designers. As without them applications built with RAD could be less intuitive or harder to use. A probable outcome from the popularization of this technology is the emergence of Citizen Developer, a new category of business technologists who design application capabilities for their team.

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