Exploring Virtual Worlds: The Strativerse Project with L'Atelier

A deep dive into the future of virtual worlds, focusing on IoT, mixed reality, bio-augmentation, AI, and decentralization technologies.
2018 — 2021
Exploring Virtual Worlds: The Strativerse Project with L'Atelier

Our collaboration with L'Atelier, a think tank within the BNP Paribas group in Paris, involved several research incursions into themes such as privacy, virtual economies, and social mobility.

A notable project, The Strativerse, delved into the technology underpinning increasingly virtual worlds. This research project focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), mixed reality infrastructure, bio-augmentation, AI, and decentralization technologies likely to emerge over the next decade. Our approach combined detailed technological analysis with narrative storytelling, offering a comprehensive and engaging perspective on how these technologies will shape our digital future.

  • Explored privacy, virtual economies, social mobility
  • Researched technology in virtual worlds
  • Focused on IoT, mixed reality, AI, decentralization
  • Combined tech analysis with storytelling
  • Offered perspective on digital future shaping
Exploring Virtual Worlds: The Strativerse Project with L'Atelier
Extraordinary team of perceptive technologists capable of contextualising the consequences of complex, intersecting technological changes. The Envisioning team have added scientific rigour to technological foresight in a distinctive and compelling way. They are part scientists, part storytellers. A genuine appreciation and aptitude for research combined with genuinely exceptional design capabilities makes for a unique, considered and value adding services.
John Egan

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