Human-Machine Augmentation in BMW's Supply Chain Innovation

A collaborative project with a design consultancy to integrate human-machine augmentation into BMW's supply chain strategy.

Envisioning partnered with a design consultancy to develop a forward-thinking perspective on human-machine augmentation, tailored specifically for a supply chain innovation strategy.

Our role was to bring cutting-edge insights on emerging technologies and co-create lectures and workshops tailored for the staff. These educational initiatives were designed to inspire and equip team members to develop future-centric solutions. The research investigated every aspect of supply chains, with a special focus on the interplay between technology and the human elements within these systems. This approach provided the client with a nuanced understanding of how to future-proof their supply chain operations through advanced human-machine collaboration.

  • Developed human-machine augmentation perspective
  • Co-created lectures and workshops for staff
  • Inspired future-centric supply chain solutions
  • Investigated technology-human interplay in supply chains
  • Aided in future-proofing supply chain operations

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