Metascan of Technology Trends for Policy Horizons Canada

Conducting a comprehensive scan of technology trends across key sectors for federal policy-making.
Metascan of Technology Trends for Policy Horizons Canada

In a collaborative effort with the team at Policy Horizons Canada, we embarked on creating a 'metascan' – a scan of scans – to identify emerging technology trends across six key sectors, including healthcare, energy, and agriculture.

This involved an intricate process of amalgamating existing signal data with insights from a panel of experts engaged in Delphi-style feedback collection. Our approach enabled a multi-dimensional analysis of the technologies shaping each sector of the economy, including their anticipated timelines. The culmination of this research was a detailed presentation to federal policymakers, providing them with a comprehensive and forward-looking view of technological impacts on various sectors. This project was instrumental in informing policy decisions and shaping the strategic direction for Canada's future.

  • Created metascan for emerging tech trends
  • Covered sectors like healthcare, energy, agriculture
  • Amalgamated data with expert Delphi feedback
  • Provided multi-dimensional tech analysis
  • Informsed policy with forward-looking tech impacts
Metascan of Technology Trends for Policy Horizons Canada

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