Envisioning emerging technologies affecting the future of finance

By transforming how we exchange, count & store money, digital technology is fundamentally rewiring the financial sector. 

Cryptographic currencies and distributed ledger technologies have proved scaleable, leading the way to more decentralized economies. We refer to this as the Cryptographic Economy, or Cryptonomy for short.

To illustrate the factors causing this change, we have documented hundreds of emerging technologies and organizations related to the financial sector. We visualize research findings through an interactive interface, and perform quantitative assessment using crowd and expert intelligence.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the future financial sector, spark conversation and generate insight. 

Open visualization

Cryptonomy is a collaboration between Envisioning and Innotribe.The project was unveiled at Sibos 2016 in Geneva on 26 September.


Michell Zappa


Thiara Cavadas

Head of Research

Cintia Ferreira

Head of Operations

Arthur Soares

Head of Product

Thomaz Rezende

Head of Design

Rafael Pelosini

Business Development

Lauren Manning

Editorial & Research

Beatrys Rodrigues

Collaborating Researcher

Michal Monit


Jonny Howle


Tools and Methodology

We develop all of our projects using our exclusive methodology & tools.
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Our Methodology and Tools