Envisioning defense Technology

Robotics and AI Enabling autonomous defense.

Robotics and AI enabling autonomous defense.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer mere science fiction.The personal assistants in our phones are just the tip of the iceberg. AI systems are getting more powerful everyday; they can already read, hear, talk, translate, understand feelings and incredibly, learn and teach themselves. Advances in robotics are giving a physical, functioning structure to these new, artificial minds - not only connecting them with other machines, but also amplifying the abilities and extending the limits of the human body.

From healthcare to infrastructure, AI and robotics are quietly, yet systematically permeating every aspect of life. And national security absolutely cannot and will not be left behind.

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DEFTECH (DEfence Future TECHnologies) is part of the TechnologyForesight research program at armasuisse Science & Technology incollaboration with Envisioning.  Read more about the Technology Foresignt research program. The project was unveiled at the Exponential Technologies Conference 2016 in Thun on 9 November.


Michell Zappa


Thiara Cavadas

Head of Research

Cintia Ferreira

Head of Operations

Quentin Ladetto

Foresight Ambassador

Thomaz Rezende

Head of Design

Arthur Soares

Head of Product

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