Technology in the future of Manufacturing with EITM

The European Institute of Technology (EIT) focused on Manufacturing leads the way in preparing partner organizations prepare for a high-technology future By creating a tech radar specifically for emerging technologies in manufacturing
Technology in the future of Manufacturing with EITM

EITM's strategic approach centers around presenting the transformative potential of advanced technologies like digital twins and advanced supply chain methodologies.

By engaging industry experts for thorough assessments, together with EITM we evaluated the potential impact of each technology, ensuring that their partners and member companies become better prepared for future challenges and help with decisions for investments in innovation for manufacturing.

  • Focus on digital twin infrastructure and future-proofing supply chains.
  • Engagement with industry experts for technology assessment and evaluation.
  • Dedicated support to member companies in adapting to technological advancements.
  • Fostered a collaborative ecosystem for manufacturing innovation.
Thanks to the engaging, feature-rich platform of Envisioning and their expertise in identifying and developing emerging technology forecast reports, we managed to have our manufacturing tech. radar in the hands of EITM partners in 5 months.
Aristeidis Katsiorchis

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