GIZ techDetector

Analysing technology impact on sustainable development for GIZ.
2018 — 2024
GIZ techDetector

techDetector is a platform designed to analyze the impact of emerging technologies on sustainable development.

The platform bridges the gap between sustainable development challenges and technological advancements, offering a unique perspective in the field of international technology rankings. The platform includes a technology radar for navigating emerging technologies and provides various formats like case studies and future scenarios to promote a technology-focused sustainable mindset. Since its launch in 2019, techDetector has evolved to include workshops and updates, enhancing futures literacy and technology foresight among users. It has a focus on sustainability and gender equality impacts, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The platform, widely used by GIZ staff and international cooperation partners, serves as a crucial tool for assessing the technological readiness and sustainability impact of various innovations

  • Assessed tech impact on sustainable development
  • Featured tech radar with in-depth content
  • Focused on sustainability and gender equality
  • Guided partners in identifying innovative tech
  • Enhanced futures literacy and technology foresight
GIZ techDetector
For our project, GIZ techDetector, we have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Envisioning for over six years. They have consistently demonstrated remarkable flexibility, reliability, and professionalism, serving as invaluable partners who brought in creative and visionary concepts that truly make an impact. Their expertise extends across a diverse spectrum of activities, and their contributions are consistently timely and pertinent. We highly appreciate their exceptional proficiency in crafting impactful visualizations and interfaces for future trends and foresight processes.
Vanessa Hochwald

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