Horizon 2045 Foresight Radar

The Horizon 2045 Foresight Radar is an interactive tool for exploring pivotal issues and drivers of change shaping human and planetary security
Horizon 2045 Foresight Radar

Horizon 2045 Foresight Radar, co-developed with Horizon 2045, enhanced by Envisioning's technical prowess, is a strategic tool for analyzing critical issues reshaping human and planetary security.

Envisioning's key contribution was in data structuring and integrating client-specific signals into the Radar's visual framework, ensuring a tailored and effective presentation of over 150 change signals and three scenarios for 2045. This collaboration led to the successful launch of the Radar, widely adopted by multiple stakeholders. It demonstrates our capability in merging complex data with user-centric visualization, effectively aiding decision-makers in understanding and navigating future risks and opportunities.

  • Interactive tool for security insights
  • Presents 150+ change signals for 2045
  • Developed with international collaboration
  • Identifies key changes in global systems
  • Aids leaders in understanding future challenges and opportunities
Horizon 2045 Foresight Radar
Horizon 2045 Foresight Radar

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