Mapping the Future of Investment Technologies with Nubank

Collaborating with Nubank's UX team to develop a comprehensive Radar of global future investment technologies.
Mapping the Future of Investment Technologies with Nubank

Envisioning teamed up with the UX research team at Nubank in São Paulo to craft a specialized Radar, focusing on the future of investment technologies worldwide, extending beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies.

We worked closely with their innovation team, ensuring that the research was directly aligned with client needs. Our approach involved an in-depth analysis of each technology, using multiple impact vectors, and consulting with a range of experts to gauge the impact of each technology. Alongside this analysis, we added a narrative layer to contextualize technologies within a broader landscape. We provided training to multiple staff members, equipping them with the necessary skills and understanding to effectively utilize and benefit from the research.

  • Crafed Radar on future investment technologies
  • Aligned research with client needs
  • Analyzed tech with multiple impact vectors
  • Added narrative context to technologies
  • Trained staff for effective research utilization

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